To my Grandparents. 👴👵

Today is All Saint’s Day. And unfortunately, I am here watching people passing by to cemetery where I should have visiting my grandparents graveyard too. My Lola Ponyang died 5 years ago. It was May 20, 2011. And I can still remember everything that night. I feel sorry. I wasn’t able to visit her for the second time around. And this was supposedly my first time for my Lolo Ciano. He just died March 5, 2015. It’s just 8 months ago. I hope in the future, I can visit you. But Lola.. Lolo.. Sorry. Maybe they’re watching me. Maybe they’re here right now. I just wanted to say I’m so sorry. Not for all the things that I’ve done. But I am sorry for all the things I should’ve done but I didn’t.

Since the day that you were gone, I felt this feel of regret every time. Every day. The thoughts that, how I wish I had more time spent with you. I wish I bought you the things that you like, the food that you love. But? I didn’t. Or maybe we’ve spent that time watching our favorite movies together. I wish I had hugged you, kissed you more often. I really regret those times that like I was just taking you for granted. I should’ve done all these things before, but I didn’t. You made me understand the true worth of time in this world. To spend time with my parents, treat them well. Because one day, WHEN YOU LOOK UP FOR THEM, THEY WON’T BE THERE ANYMORE. To my grandparents, You may never  be with me. But you left me with those little memories we had. They were once a memories, but has turned to be the greatest lessons I’ve ever learned in my life that I will carry with me forever.





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