Hi there! This is the owner of the blog speaking. Welcome to my blog. So? You’re probably wonderin’ why on earth I even dare to create a blog. It’s like nobody would even care to read this. I know I’m just that no extra ordinary girl nor I’m not famous and all but I still will. At wala kang pake! And I decided to create this site. Lets say, just like having a diary, you know like you can update anything and everything about you or how’s your life going. Keeping precious moments that you can look back. Kind of some documentation I guess. Not for everyone to read but for me to keep. And through this I can now express more about my feelings, sentiments insights or thoughts about something. I guess that’s enough reason for me to blog. Moving on, since you’re already here. Let me say something about myself first. I’m Sharmine Rojas Macabuat. (TO BE HONEST, I WANT IT TO BE SHARMAINE! AS in with “A”.) Wait, I’ll share you something about my name.  There was a time I asked my parents, “Bakit sharmine?” And I therefor conclude that this is my father’s fault. My mom said “Idol kasi ng tatay mo si Sharmaine Arnaiz, yun artista. Para di tunog artista inalis ang letter “A”. So that’s it! The short history of my name. But come what may, I’m still thankful to my parents. Like, duh? Are you kiddin’ me? My name is Oh-So-Wonderful! Haha! My family used to call me “shang” but my friends calls me “shasha” so? you’re either of the two? Anyway, just call me “sha“. 🙂 I’m 22! Born on the 30th day of October. (Yeah, I know. 6 more days to go and its my big day!) It’s kind of a late realization. Maybe, I should’ve done this earlier. But here I am just created my blog site just a couple of days. With full of regrets. Haha! Upon exploring wordpress, it seems that I was  just hit in my head so hard. Cus’ I just realized that everything about being a blogger is way so cool. Although, I’m not that professional-blogger-type. I’m just a beginner and this is just a personal blog. I’m still working on it. But for a starter, I think this is already okay. (Hope so) I’m just trying to make this site a little bit presentable I guess. Haha! I’m planning to upgrade my site, buy my own domain. Hmm? Maybe in the near future. I’m currently living in Isabela City, Basilan the not-so-popular rural area in the south. I’m still staying with my parents and two sisters. I finished my primary education in CCI. Then my secondary education in BNHS and Tertiary Education in BaSC. I’m a criminology graduate. Yes! I am. Some people would ask, “bakit criminology? Babae ka.” And my answer is this. “It is because of my father. He is a Policeman (In mean HE WAS. Retired na siya ngayon). I adore him a lot not just because he is a good father but he is also a good servant. And I wanted to become one. In God’s will. But? unfortunately I’m still jobless! (And it doesn’t matter, really. I believe in He’s plan for me.) I used to call myself the UNEMPLOYED CRIMINOLOGIST (or PALAMUNIN. HAHA!). Yeap, I am. I passed the recently Board Examination for Criminologist last 2014 and with God’s blessing I PASSED the exam! And I consider this blessing as one of the most memorable one for this is the reason that  has changed my entire life. Well not the employment thing but you know knowing that  the only thing that you’ve ever wished and worked so hard for almost 5 months is finally yours. Which is really surreal. And I’m very grateful and forever will be.

And for that very reason, I am here stuck in the moment. Which is fine, I guess? I just surf all day, read books, make scrapbooks, sleep a lot, eat a lot *burp* excuse me. Then surf again, read books again, make scrapbook again… I’m literally repeating all these things everyday. As in the whole day. The whole week. And believe me or not I love spendin’ my day this way. Some my friends would ask, (Sa totoo? Madami kayong tanong!) “hala? tambay ka parin hanggang ngayon?” “di ka nabbored sa bahay?” HAHAHAHAHA! well ang sagot ko, to be honest? NO! NO! I’m an ergophile I would say, but at the same time I also that kind of person that can do nothing at all. May pagka-beast din ako. Beast sa pagiging TAMAD! Haha I love to spent my day just scrapbooking or finish a book or two, movie marathon; Specially if its raining. Naku! Naku! I do lot of my thinking specially when it rains. Ang ganda mag isip ng mga bagay-bagay habang nakatungaw sa bintana. Watching every drop of the rain. ☺ I’m a pluviophile in some way. I must say that it’s okay if I’m still jobless. It’s just temporary. Remember that it’s okay to do something than nothing. Diba?

Speaking of temporary! Right after I graduated. Just a couple of months of being a tambay. I’ve decided to enroll in a Review Class in Zamboanga City. At first, I’m not so sure. I was planning to just have a self review. Para di na magastos. But? Naisip ko din na iba na ang sure! Haha So after almost 5 months of review I then took the exam. Passed it with 83 something of overall average. You wouldn’t believe me, But its beyond my expectation. Really! Sabi ko pa nga sa mama ko, sana kahit bitay na lang. Or atleast 75%. But? Taaadaaaaaa!! Now I know that HARD WORK + PRAYER is = to SUCCESS! Hihi. That day when the PRC released the result, t’was November 28 something last year (2014) not sure. But anyway, it’s one of the best day of my life!! This is the proof. Baka naman di ka naniniwala. HAHAHA


See? Its all about those sleepless nights, tons of books and praying all the time. Worth the effort, As in! And you know what? Im dedicating this to my parents, my forever inspiration. So as what I’m saying, this is just temporary (yun pagiging tambay, I mean). I was not that lucky on my first try. I pass an application form both in BFP and PNP but unfortunately it seems that the odd is not in favor with me. So sad, I didn’t make it. So? I guess this is my fate. To wait for another chance. And at the same to prepare myself more. I believe that WHATS MEANT TO HAPPEN, WILL BOUND TO HAPPEN. 🙂

Now, I guess the best way to cope up and spend the moment is to ENJOY it to the fullest. Spendin’ time (WHICH I HAVE A LOT) in scrapbooking. I really love to make arts and crafts. Collect pictures and also I’m really fond of collecting and reading different sayings. Yun mga life lesson, different qoutes or phrases from my fave books and any kind, basta! Haha! I’m also collecting notebooks for scrapbook. I currently have 3. Hehe! And more to go. I’m a certified cybernaut. (SINO BA ANG HINDI?) I love spendin’ time surfing the net. It’s just either of these 5. 1. INSTAGRAM 2. TWITTER 3.FACEBOOK 4. YOUTUBE and 5. BLOGGING. I could Listen to KPOP songs the whole day And ofcourse, the most important thing that I love is spendin’ quality times with my family while I got some. Hehe! There’s a saying that goes “EVERY SECOND COUNTS” Btw, sorry? I am really a senti person. I easily cry over something specially if its about my family. I also cry over a book, specially if the ending is a bit heartaching. I definitely recommend books of Nicholas Sparks, you should try to read ’em. (I know I’m weird). And I have a distinct view about life. Believe me, I am ridiculously weird. I think that’s what makes me different from others. Furthermore, there’s nothing more in my blog. I’m just posting random thoughts. Maybe I will gonna share my personal experience in life about friendship, love and family. Will be posting random pictures too. Basta! Anyway, feel free to read some more. I’d loved to. ❤


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