Feliz Cumpleaños para mi *insert happy face*

Today is October 30, 2015. And its my birthday! Wooooohh!! I’m gettin’ old na, I’m already 22! How time flies so fast nga naman. So since its my special day allow me to share with you how happy and grateful I am for this day (Which really I am everyday. Hehe!). Even though we don’t have that “grand celebration” its okay it doesn’t matter anyway. I must say that, I AM STILL BLESSED AND HAPPY for this another year that has come to me. 🙂 I woke up early in the morning, I guess its like around 5:35am not sure. Upon gettin’ myself ready and fix my bed, I was welcomed with the earliest greeting from my lil’ sister, Aly. “HAPPY BIRTHDAY BRADER!!” With her happiest tone! (She used to call me brader and she’s the only one who calls me that way) She gave me her gift earlier that it should be. HAHA! as in 15 pa lang binuksan ko na ang gift niya. And its a NOTEBOOK! As what I’ve told you from my other post, its in PERSONAL PAGE I guess. I love to collect notebooks, its for my scrapbooking. Hehe. And also a personalized letter from her with the shortest yet sincere message. Hihi!  It was plain black with a vintage page look inside. T’was soooo beautiful. So, I don’t have that suprised-face-while-opening-presents moment today. My mom was the second person who greeted me. With her “sinampay” in her shoulders, she greeted me “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU” with a tune. Hahaha! I also recieved a phone call from my Ate. She doesn’t used to wake up that very early. She’s a late person! But she did. Kahit medyo halatang bagong gising ang boses she greeted me. And that what makes it special. And then, there goes my father who greeted me at the kitchen. We were eating bread with cheese with my sister, he patted me at the back with a “happy birthday”. And you know what? I felt satisfied. These is all I need, my FAMILY. 🙂

Moving on, we all have this tradition in celebrating birthdays. Like for example, having a party or inviting people, like your friends. And also the most important thing is, blowing candles with your bonggang cake. HAHA! Which I don’t have and I’m fine.. My mother decided to cook salad and hotdog with cheese rolled in bread with bread crumbs recipe, which we all agreed. And also for our ulam, sabaw for papang and friend chicken for us. Nothing special diba? Pero for me? Sapat na ito. And we had a blast. Foods are good specially if it was cooked by mamang. *two thumbs up* NO JOKING! super full na the tummy, *burp* Then while watching EB’s kalyeserye (my favorite) we were eating salad that time (sorry, di kame nabubusog we just had our lunch like 20 mins ago) when my father came inside and said, “ching anda anay yo pueblo” and my mom was like? Huh? For what?! It’s freakin’ hot outside. (Pramis! super init that time) And with just a nod without any word, he left.

I literally have no idea what he was about to do. I guess this is the climax or the highlight moment of the day. HE CAME BACK WITH ICE CREAM GALLON in his hands. I was surprised! As in! I mean, we have enough foods already. Ulam, with side dish and also for our merienda. T’was enough. He handed me the ice cream and he said, “happy birthday” again with his bubbliest tone. And naka posing pa sya. Sayang! How I wish I was able to record it just to see how it happened with my priceless reaction. I WAS SHOCKED, SURPRISED and VERY HAAAAAPPPYYY!! And, I CRIED! as in hagulgol na iyak. Ito na lang nasabi ko, “porke tu ya kompra pang?!! Hindi man tu este ta pwede kome!” *with my ugliest face while I’m crying* (Note: He can’t eat any sweet foods. He’s a Diabetic patient)

I was touched and I felt like I was the happiest person that time. I know maybe for you it’s not that much, but I felt like I was so special. And to the fact that it was from my father. His own money, effort and by just the way he was. I really didn’t expect it. Dang! He made me cry. As in literally, IYAK na parang bata na nawalan ng nanay!! I was always saying na, “kailan kaya may mag susurprise saakin sa birthday?” There’s a lot of youtubes videos I’ve watched, those moments that they were surprised by their family or special someone. You know that boyfriend/girlfriend thingy. With balloons and teddy bear as in yun surprise. I once thought about it. Like, what it would be, if it was me? But I was just thinking wala pala akong boyfriend. HAHA! But as what I’m saying, I’m not wishing or hoping for it to happen to me. Nor I’m not jealous, what I was tryin’ to say is GUSTO KO YUN FEELING NA MAY NAG SURPRISE. Just so you know, pwera joke. I am a very thoughtful person. Mahilig kasi akong mag surprise sa family ko sa mga special days, like mothers day or father days at sa mga birthdays. And I neverhad one. Hehe! But eto ngaaaa.. TAAADAAAA!!! I really don’t know what words to use, its just like there’s no words that could ever describe the feelings I felt at that moment. Ito yun surprise na ibang level!

THANKS ALLAH! I was blessed with a wonderful family. I may not have that luxurious life. I may not have the things that I wanted. But I definitely have the things that I NEEDED. And for that very reason I am grateful forever. I have the best mother and father in the whole wide world. I have the most annoying sisters but I love them so much. It was not grand! But it was the BEST! I must say, “THAT THE HAPPIEST MOMENTS IN MY LIFE ARE THE MOMENTS SPENT WITH MY FAMILY.” There’s no need to look for anything or something. I already have everything in our home. 🙂

Now to end this, lemme greet myself. HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHANG!!!!

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    Hi Shasha,

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